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what made america great is an independent, vigorous press. if a jerk burns a flag, america is not threatened. political speech is the heart of the first amendment. they're expressing their religious beliefs. now is the time to make justice a reality for all of god's children. captioning provided by the first amendment center, funded by the freedom forum. welcome to speaking freely, a weekly conversation about free expression, the arts, and america. i'm ken paulson. since the founding of jefferson airplane in 1965, our guest has produced an extraordinary body of music, sometimes popular, sometimes provocative, sometimes both. we're delighted to welcome rock and roll hall of fame member paul kantner. [applause] not long ago, paul, the washington post called you "the political conscience and space cadet of the jefferson airplane." do you plead guilty as charged? oh, and more. were you really the political force behind a very political band? no, no, we're a very apolitical band, if you really analyze it. and--we have the luxury of coming from san francisco, which is very nutrit
to the fire. (man) i wish every african-american could visit africa and every african could visit america. it would be the ultimate cultural exchange program. what's up? i'm your host, idris elba, and this is afropop: the ultimate cultural exchange, a presentation of independent documentary films that explore the diverse cultures and experiences of contemporary africans. tonight's featured film is director jamie meltzer's welcome to nollywood. first there was hollywood, then bollywood, and now nollywood, the fast-paced and very frenetic world of the nigerian film industry. over the last ten years, nigerian producers and directors have created the third-largest film industry in the world. having mastered producing videos and pressing dvds in a fraction of the time and with a fraction of the money needed in hollywood, this burgeoning industry generates some $3 billion a year, whoa. you may not know the actors, the directors, or the producers of these films, and you probably won't find them playing in your local movie theater, but nigerian films have taken the african continent by storm, out
that america is heavily involved but doesn't really want anyone to know that. which seems to be a rather pointless exercise in terms of the p.r. here, isn't it? >> no someone pretending that america is not involved. the announcement of the strategy indicated that we've been providing capability that we are uniquely qualified to provide. but as the days go by, more and more sorties will be carried out by air forces of other countries, more operations will be taken over, our role will become somewhat diminished. still engaged, still involved. obviously, helping to coordinate, but i think that's the transition we're watching. >> it's a very unusual position for american military to find itself in here. no one talking to all the generals in the last few days has really been clear what the mission is to start with. we hear it's costing america a billion dollars on air strikes, which the country can really hardly afford. i mean, isn't it time for some real clarity? and dare i say it, leadership here? >> well, i have to disagree with you there. i think the mission is quite clear. and what the p
. why was that decision made? >> that was part of the america's cup -- what we call the america's cup 34 program. there will be a spectator area at the start and finish line of the race. so that is for the beginning and end of the race. it is a beautiful area out there, and i think it gives the court some opportunity for future use of that space. -- it gives the port some opportunity for future use of that space. >> that dovetails into questions i had about some complementary use with the america's cup. are there any aspects of design that would make sense to incorporate, either for america's cup or not, as the case may be? >> regarding accommodating the america's cup, the project is being accelerated to accommodate america's cup, and the shed at the end of pier 27, the remainder which we did not anticipate falling down, is being removed for the spectator function, and squaring off of that historical structure had already been compromised back in the 1960's when the the shed for 27 was added on. it is being squared off in a matter that we hope to be consistent with the secretary's standa
at toyota, all across america. >> auto companies make huge profits. >> last year, chevron made a lot of money. >> where does it go? >> every penny and more went into bringing energy to the world. >> the economy is tough right now, everywhere. >> we pumped $21 million into local economies, into small businesses, communities, equipment, materials. >> that money could make a big difference to a lot of people. >and by the bill and menda gates foundation. dedicated to the idea that all people deserve the chance to live a healthy productive life. and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> lehrer: the international campaign of air strikes extended deep into libya today. french warplanes claimed a kill in the no-fly zone. they also raided far south of tripoli to disrupt the flow of mercenaries to the government side. elsewhere, rebels reported gains in the embattled port of misrata killing 30 government sniper
time to come back to america. i was in high school and really looking forward to coming back to a place whether i heard about fourth of jewels lies anulies . i got beat up. they said you're not from america. it wasn't in africa that i learned about racism but here in united states. we were completely broke and i did something real unpopular at the time. four days after high school i joind the united states army. not only to serve my country but to get the,gi bill to continue my education. then i saw young men and women from all across america. from farms and ranches and it matedm made me realize the strength in this country is not from commonality but our great diversity. i had a younger sister named gift of god and christa was a special girl because she suffered from severe epilepsy. she never once complained. she never said across word and it could or would take her an hour or two to line um... up her clothes and do our homework and get her lunch b bag ready. i'm the five minutes bed to - bus kind of guy, you know? well krista saw the baseball movie called field of dreams. very inspi
then, that have changed the world in my opinion -- america and media. i know some will accuse me of bing jingoistic, rah-rah america. but i'm trying to remind us of our better angels. we rebuilt europe, we rebuilt our foreign enemies and turned them into our top allies. we started the yienunited nati 7 37. we spread the idea of human rights around the human world until something amazing happened. we changed expectations. yes, many civilians have died since then in times of war. but now the entire context of war has changed. everyone assumes we're supposed to protect the civilians. as i said, that was partly us. but one more thing helped tremendously, the media. now, let me give you an example in a different context. black people were crushed and abused in this country for centuries. but when we saw for our own eyes people running fire hoses and releasing vicious dogs on black crowds who were peaceably protesting, we couldn't look at ourselves in the mirror anymore, and television was that mirror and itn't co-s to continues to help of the web. so in western syria in 1982, anywher
greg: have a good weekend yourself. "america live" starts right now. megyn: a major and ominous set back this hour in the fight to contain japan's growing nuclear crisis. welcome to "america live," i'm martha maccallum in for megyn kelly. they announced there may be a breach in one of the reactors at the fukushima nuclear plant. the water inside reactor number three is ten thousand times normal radiation levels. they say that this likely does indicate that there has than some sort of leakage from the reactor core. we are going to have a live report coming up on that. in another fox news alert this hour new information coming in from the front lines of libya. we are now learning that a canadian general will take over control of the no-fly zone operation one nato officially steps in. that we now can tell you is expected to be either sunday or monday. meanwhile on the ground there is now word that the rebels are becoming somewhat more organized, rolling out tanks, setting up new road blocks and communicating by telephone. rick leventhal is there, he joins us live on the phone with the
states of america has achieved new progress. people to people contacts and exchanges between our two countries grow rapidly. last year, 3 million visited each other. 1 million from china, 2 million from the united states of america. we see our mutual friendship enhanced, our cooperation consolidated and expanded. especially, our bilateral trade reached a new record of $385.3 billion. 29.3% more than the previous year. that is 150 times more than 32 years ago, when china and america established diplomatic relations. and the state of california maintains its leading position in exports to china. in the fourth quarter of last year, california exported x 0.8 billion u.s. dollars to china, which is 28% more than the same period of last year. 35% is from the bay area. the year 2010 is also a very remarkable in the relationship between china and san francisco. last year, shanghai and san francisco celebrated the city's anniversary of the sister city relationship. three mayors of this city led a large delegation to shanghai and inaugurated the grand opening of the san francisco post at the w
our discussions with noble americas, and shell is marin's supplier, delivering a greater portfolio mix than we otherwise get from pg&e. we will be utilizing the contract from work that we have as the starting point with shell, working through issues coming up in the discussions there. we've had numerous all-day sessions, constant contact with shell, and continue to make progress there. we're very glad having the assistance of both the city attorney and our lafco colleagues. as i mentioned, we are also thinking about working with a noble americas, as the provider of back-office support, and noble americas has been providing this service for marin in concert with shell. on a parallel track, we're working on an rfp for the development of a generation resources, looking at existing city policy as the guide for that. with a clear preference for in city renewables and combined heat and power projects. we want these resources to tie their online dates and outputs and profile to what the portfolio will ultimately negotiate with shell, to make sure those are all lined. a quick update with a pol
design of the new terminal, the board of supervisors approved the city's bid to host the 34th america's cup in san francisco. this presented a win-win situation for the project. under the host and the new agreement, america's cup event authority will be responsible for the demolition of pier 27, 29, and relocation of the shore power system. the city would then construct the court and shell of the cruise terminal. subject to completion of environmental review under ceqa, certification of the final environmental impact report, and approval of the america's cup 34 project by the end of 2011, the first phase of the site work would commence in early 2012 and consist of demolition of pier 27, the north part of pier 29, and finally, construction of the core and shell of the terminal building. the ac 34 event would be the first of several special events to help fund the project. after a conclusion, the port would begin the second phase to build up the remaining building, which includes the border patrol, the security room, the security systems, like you have in the airport, the screening and
of the bed." bed." the fear in one community after two prightening break-ins. break-ins. 3 "america nineteen hundred, just so you are aware, the tower is apparently not manned. " " asleep in the control tower. the changes after two pilots had to land by themselves. sensation..why its not justt the food that makes his place a success. 3 hello i'm jeff barndjennifer is off tonight first on fox.....a delivery driver is attacked -- and the encounter is caught on camera... tonight police need help tracking down the suspects. &p take a close look... four men, all wearing hoodies.. fighting, then stomping a man to the ground. it happened eerly last month at the charring &pcross shopping center on baltimore national pike just outside the city line. a troubling assault for people who live in the neighborhood. (ms. johnson)"and that could be me or y son who just fearful, i'm prayerful and i hopp they find whoever did that" that.." investigators say it all started when the 3 victim accidentally struck a parked car with his white delivery truck when he pulled inno the parking lot
>>> good morning, america. and breaking news. major setback. a dangerous, new breach, the worst yet, in a reactor core, as japan faces a true nuclear catastrophe. workers burned by 10,000 times normal radiation. will parts of japan now be lost for generations? >>> in this country, superbug. growing concern this morning over a brand-new drug-resistant bacteria taking hold in california hospitals. is it on the move? dr. besser is standing by right here this morning. >>> crowning glory. this beauty queen wins her crown back in a highly publicized trial, after losing it because she was accused of being too fat. told to lay off the tacos. she's here live after her victory. >>> and put your paws up, going gaga this morning for polar cubs. two, new polar bears take the world stage. they're already capturing the world's heart. >>> good morning, again, everyone. thanks for spending the week with us. it's been good having david muir here with us. we're going to get to japan in a moment. >> so much breaking news this morning. >>> we're also tracking a story we broke at abc news. an air traffic
trail blazer making sure that he broke down barriers in corporate america. through his leadership in der -- xerox it led to the hireb of literally thousands of women and people of color. bernard is also highly sought after as an international business consultant and has counseled governments all cross the world from south africa, germany, england, france in economic development and he's also a celebrity in his own right. he's got numerous radio and television programs including the macneil-lehrer rorkts the "nbc nightly news," cnn and national public radio. he's lace family fan. -- also a family man. married to his wife shirley for 44 years, they are one of the most admired and respected couples in l.a. and the proud parents of their son khalil. their partnership represents and alliance based on love, respect, family and friends. and they're also very generous with their success. over the past 20 years they've donate. ed and raised millions of dollars for scholarships for college-bound students, particularly african-american students and students going to their favorite institution, flor
, and forgiven. we hear from america's most controversial sex columnist. my cream is what makes stouffer's fettuccini alfredo so delicious. my peppers and broccoli... they really make the dish. cream is really what makes it. i think you'll find it's the vegetables. the crunch... the texture. deliciously rich. delicious. fantastic! flavorful. [ cow moos ] hey, maybe we could... work together? [ female announcer ] introducing new stouffer's farmers' harvest. now classics like grilled chicken fettuccini alfredo come with sides of farm-picked vegetables... lightly sauteed with herbs and olive oil. and no preservatives. find more ways to get to the table at find more ways to get to the table curtis: welcome back to geico gecko: caller steve, go right ahad.. steve: yeah, um, i just got a !free rate quote on, saved a ton, and it only took me 5 minutes and 12 seconds! steve: i was wondering, is that some srt of record? gecko: that's a good question. et's have a look. curtis: mmmm, not quite. someone's got you beat by 8 seconds. gecko: still, i mean, that's... that'sq
by america. >> i don't need no doctor, yeah. >> and what the judges call a shocking elimination and aiolis take, the 20-year-old -- and a mistake, the 20-year-old received the lowest amount of votes so the judges decided to step in. >> yo -- >> stop, stop. >> we know who you are. we don't need to hear you sing anymore, dude. >> that was the judge's only save of the season. that means he will get to go on the idol tour once the show ends. and it means that next week, two contestants will be eliminated. >>> a desperate attempt to get away. take a look at the damage left behind after an arrest didn't go as smoothly as police would hope. >>> and we continue to follow the soggy mess across the bay area this morning as scattered showers are hampering clean-up efforts from yesterday's storm. this is a room where an army vet put his life back together, where a family lived when they were displaced by a flood. but it's more than a room. it's a room at volunteers of america, and the pathway to stronger communities. because when lives are improved, communities are, too. to help strengthen your commun
is today, recently back from his trip to latin america. a lot of focus right now on the president's decision in libya and what role the u.s. has welcome to "washington journal" this friday, march 25. in "the baltimore sun," -- nato to take the lead. what do you think about the nato and u.s. role in libya? the numbers to call -- send us your tweets and we will read them. coverage of the nato-u.s. relationship in libya. allied forces hit a libyan jet that ventured into the air. taking a look at "the washington post" coverage. they are starting out with "obama pressed for clarity over libya." coming from both parties in congress, as well as others, to get some sense of where the u.s. is going with this. let's get to the phones and hear what you think. lydia in maryland. democrats' line. caller: i think it is great he is turning over command of the no-fly zone to nato. he said the united states would not be in the lead and it is about time it takes responsibility. more of the gulf states are contributing airplanes to the no-fly zone. i saw last night that night thatqatar, united arab
on the shoes, let alone a dime or water, america, you are always scotched earth in our mouth. always a rain of disaster of streams of our broken eyes. now the rags are the most turn. our pores the poorest that can be worn in the souls shop. now that all is lost and there is only nothing to lose. long live the courage and the poor. they begin to waiver. [applause]. >> vennetia. i was enranged at your body enettia. chicanery that cried out of an awfulor gast. slowly i found you should side streets where you practice a strolling stillness without any engine sounds and the skies turning on into color and then eternal magnificence of twilight, it accompanies your every move and theirs doubt about it, you are more adorable without the car wrapped around you, where you can be what you are. walking water. that gently laps. i have come to you this midnight and lane down in your black body with it's soft red blush and pulled the starkly blue cover over a cheek or moon blushing through the midst. and the final for me. juna. that's juna bomb. that she lived on board avenue. 3 blocks away from the stre
. amazing. amazing. >> we should call america "america the check writer," because we write the checks for the activities, we pay for the u.n. we pay for nato, we pay over half of the bills of nato paid for by the united states, and, by the way, when you talk about the costs of the missiles and the planes and other equipment being used in libya, do not forget this: if you look at list of the united states we always win the war but lose the peace because the real cost is going to be assuming all that goes well in libya, that rebuilding the country, and, you and i both know who is going do pay the cost of rebuilding libya, if we are successful there. >> karl rove and others have mentioned giving the cost check to the players involved in the region, say, in this case, the arab league, seeing as they have been, despite what i hear to the contrary, say, grudging players in this, is that realistic? >>guest: for other countries to pay? >>neil: that they would pay? >>guest: they will not pay because they know we have unlimited checking account, and, all the nations know that the country that
. job."america nineteen hundred, just so yoo are aware, the tower is apparently nnt manned. i've made a few phone calls, nobody is answering." answering."pilots of two planes... trying to land at d-c's regan national airport... tried communicating with the control tower tuesday hear.. they got no response. pilots had to rely on controllers at a regional facility... nearly 40 miles in my 25 years as a planes..- professional airline pilot i've never seen anything happen like this. i'm outraged by it, we're going to have an investigation and we're going to get to the bottom of it, we're going to find out what happened. the controller says he had worked four consecutive overnight shifts. the transportation secretary &pis now requiring at least two people staff control towers during overnight shifts. how areethe roads looking tonig? traffic edge report. report. long lines at area convenience stores... as people buy tickets for tonight's mega millions drawing. drawing.the amount at stake?... 312 millions dollars. winners choosing the cash option... will walk away with 198 million dollars be
ca this morning. >> get more later on "good morning america." or anytime at >> have a great friday. >>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead on this friday. a rescue effort has ended in tragedy. a man died after he was buried alive in the district. we will have more on that collapse shortly. for now, good morning washington. it's friday, i am alison starling. >> i am cynne simpson. more on that in a moment. we begin with traffic and weather. lisa baden in a moment. but we start with a meteorologist steve rudin. >> it is a tilly's start to this friday morning. it will feel a lot like winter for the upcoming weekend. -- is a chilly start. 30 degrees in cumberland at this hour. temperatures will remain cold for the morning. looking at the satellite and radar, mostly clear skies right now. the skies will remain clear for the morning, but the clouds will approach this afternoon. lots of sunshine today labor day clouds, 46-50 degrees well below average. let's get an update on the rush hour commute. >>> i was thinking that const
, america's second busiest, told us two controllers should be the bare minimum anywhere. >> common sense, basically. you need two controllers to do two things. one control your would be working, let's say in an emergency flight that's having some type of problem. and the other person would be there to coordinate the emergency equipment, coordinate with the airlines. >> reporter: fatigue and staffing have long played air traffic controllers. the ntsb put addressing fatigue on its most wanted safety list. but the ntsb said this is not just a nice thing, they said it's a necessary thing and a priority. it's something that needs to be changed. >> well, professionalism would dictate that anyone who doesn't think they are fit to work should tell us they're not fit to work. >> reporter: the faa is reviewing staffing at those 29 airports and we're learning just now more of them, san diego, sacramento, tucson, but they won't say how quickly and how many will be changed, david. we will keep pressing them. >> so, jim, the faa acknowledging to you that there should be at least two controllers everyw
>>> making news in america this morning -- >> the u.s. is transferring command of the operation against moammar gadhafi's force in libya, just as the mission gains more arab support. >>> safety concerns about the nation's air traffic control system after one controller missed sleeping on the job. >>> and the champion dethroned. duke is dominated by arizona, as the march madness sweet 16 gets into high gear. >>> and good morning, everyone. thanks for being with us today. there is a major change in command in enforcing that no-fly zone over libya. libya -- nato has agreed to take charge of those operations. >> and the changeover from u.s. hands could take place as early as tomorrow. emily schmidt is joining us now from washington with the latest details. >> reporter: the u.s. has been cutting back on its role in this no-fly zone enforcement. in fact, just yesterday, the pentagon said 75% of the combat missions are now flown by the coalition partners. soon, this transition is going to be official. the no-fly zone over libya that has international support is now getting internationa
. - a reunion at linz, and we went to switzerland and spent a few months there. - and when you came to america-- north america--you started your engineering concern. what fascinates me is you rose to the top very quickly. you worked with wernher von braun on the atlas rocket--i mean, not immediately, but you-- - when i came to canada, i established my company in 1950 in january. this was my first year of operations, and the name was velan engineering, and my first product which i brou was a revolutionary design of a steam trap, and when i came in i had already a catalogue in english--a very, very elaborate catalogue. it was a revolutionary invention. - you have 26 patents to your name, i believe. - during the period until-- my latest patent was issued in 2001 in the us and worldwide. - and why are your products so good? why are they so essential? the us navy uses practically only that for steam traps and valves. - my background with the us navy goes to 1952 when i was working with westinghouse, and westinghouse had designed and manufactured the reactor for the first nuclear submarine, nautilus
on the state of public education in america today? >> i will go first. she is the boss. the real answer is it sucks. we are nowhere near where we need to be. there should be an outrage. there should be a national crisis. we should all be waving the flag and doing everything we can. the children in schools today will be the first generation that are less educated than their parents. that, to me, is alarming. the richest, most powerful country in the world is losing its competitive advantage. secondly, if you go out 10 or 20 years, there will be 120 million jobs that will require a high skill employees. at the rate we are going, we will only have 50 million kids to fill those jobs. that means 70 million will be filled by children from china and india. that is not a good state. thirdly, we are spending twice as much money as we were 30 years ago and the results or not any better. as a country we need to make this a top priority. it is not just for washington. it is all of us doing our part whether you have kids or not. there are too many kids who are languishing in schools that are not doi
at war for 10 years. thank you for your time today. we'll talk to you early next week. go to newsroom. also, shoot me and email. to all of you are viewers, thank you. we read each and every one of them and we sort through and try to find the best and most relevant questions. heather: why not somewhere else. a person onboard a cruise ship goes missing and there is a frantic search to find this woman. bill: you might be in the driver's seat. but uncle sam might want to know how far you are going. something else in the mix.  nothing beats the taste of honey bunches of oats with real strawberries. it's full of sun ripened strawberries. and 10 grams of whole grain per serving. mmmm delicious! nothing's better than honey bunches of oats with real strawberries. you know what, tell me, what makes peter, peter ? well, i'm an avid catamaran sailor. i can my own homemade jam, apricot. and i really love my bank's raise your rate cd. i'm sorry, did you say you'd love a pay raise asap ? uh, actually, i said i love my bank's raise your rate cd. you spent 8 days lost at sea ? no, uh...
hour, a fascinating look at the makeup of america. the figures from the latest census are out and an amazing 310 million people in this country, 99% of whom watch this show. >> how about that? with the latest numbers comes a new way to look at what it means to be an american. here's john berman. >> reporter: what is the image of the modern family? according to brand new data from the census, the modern family is, in fact, "modern family." especially gloria. >> yea. >> reporter: born in colombia. hispanics accounted for more than half of the u.s. population growth over the last decade. now 50 million strong. their numbers doubled in five states. gloria and husband jay -- >> people understand me just fine. >> reporter: the modern couple. give us one week. 15% of marriages are mixed race. americans calling themselves multiracial up 32% since 2000. the census says we are moving ever faster west and south. in 1790 the country's population center, literally the point it would balance on a scale, was in maryland. by 1820 into west virginia. mountain momma take me home, thank you, joh
. that's it. a lot goes into this at any time, forget when you're about to leave for latin america on a trip that's been long scheduled. i'm sure they did due diligence, but they certainly did some diligence in congress in terms of mccain and kerry. the hard thing is, congress is a tough beast to predict. you were on the trip, i think things got a little bit away from them. and it's very difficult for the president to control message when he's in a foreign country. it's just very -- it's hard -- the perception is hard. it's hard for him to give a big speech about another country when he's in latin america. i think your point about a speech early next week, i've heard the same thing monday and tuesday. the goal being wrap this up. you know, it's the old good morning, good afternoon, good night. the three strikes rule. why we got in, what we did, and why we're out. that's the goal -- >> and it's already worked. >> and the question is, will they be able to say it's already worked? >> today the president briefed the relevant members of congress. the leadership, heads of the key committ
tenia encuentros programados ante paraguay este sabado y el proximo martes ante venezuela.. el america no pudo amarrar anoche su pase a octavos de final de la copa libertadores... jugando de visita en rio de janeiro ante el fluminense... en el minuto 15 vea usted el error del portero local al soltar el balon... vicente sanchez no desaprovecho y anoto el primero.. en el minuto 21 tras el centro por la derecha gum remata con la cabeza para el empate a uno.. en el minuto 72.. el america se pondria otra vez arriba en el marcador sanchez mandando el centro la mete a la porteria.. el fluminense se armo de valor y en los ultimos diez minutos del partido logro los dos goles mas para cellar el triunfo y mantenerse con vida... los warriors del golden state sumaron anoche su sexta derrota al hilo y su cuarta fuera de casa... al jugar de visita ante los rockets de houston aunque el jugador de la quinteta de la bahia dorell wright se llevo 34 puntos.. no fueron suficientes ya que tres jugadores de los rockets ... kevin martin con 34..courtney lee con 25.. y el argentino luis scola con 20 encaminaro
in america is growing. according to the new census data, one in every 76 citizens are hispanic. >>> your next beer is likely going to cost you more money. maryland lawmakers are moving closer to approving higher taxes on alcoholic drinks. tonight kai jackson explains why some say the tax is necessary. >>> an increase in maryland's alcohol tax isn't a done deal. but those keeping score say it's pretty close. food may fill your stomach but alcohol sales in many bars and restaurants paying the bills for restaurant owners. >> when you walk into a bar like this, do you pay attention to the alcohol tax. >> at this point no, but since it was in the news we discussed it. >> reporter: the legislature is debating an alcohol tax. a bill in the senate proposes raising it 6%. under the plan it won't be wholesalers but drinkers that will pay for it. >> you know a lot of our guests, we've lost with the economy. so of course you know with the taxes going up and if it affects the alcohol price, i'm sure it'll cut down on them coming out to enjoy their time here. >> reporter: vincent demarco hopes the money wi
morning america." or anytime at >> have a great friday. >>> in the news, a sliding hillside is threatening homes in an east bay neighborhood >> janelle: and deluge of rain turned a street into a river. dozens of homes and businesses are flooded. >> good morning. showers continue to rotate through the area and more rain this weekend. >> i'm sue hall in for frances. we have 80 shut down in the sierra and high winds. all that and more coming up >> janelle: wet morning, thanks for joining us, i'm janelle wang in for eric thomas. >> kristen: could you catch your breath? showers and it's going to get worse again. >> good morning. take a look at live doppler 7 hd. we've got plenty of green here. we'll zoom in a little closer and you notice in the north bay, rain-snow mix, talking 40s and 50s and the atmosphere is quite unstable and showers popping up through novato on through the east bay. in the south bay, more concentrated rain south of los gatos. more showers will continue. we'll see sunshine and could see some hail and heavy downpours. they will be more scattered and b
to the huge economic boom that could accompany the america's cup. most of the economic buzz has been on your side of the bay. i'm wondering if there is a role in the america's cup for oakland. >> of course. >> you can jump in if you want. >> i was actually going to head up on that later. however, -- >> you are not going to steal that vote out there on the barge. >> we want to be part of fleet week. we understand that the admiral ship cannot talk in san francisco, so we would like to have him in oakland. there is a lot of regional, cultural activities. the two cities are still linked together. we are really a regional economy, and both restaurant trends go back and forth. music trends historic we have gone back and forth, and i think you are going to see, particularly if we try to host international events, that we need the resources of probably all three cities. we have tried to get the world soccer cup in the bay area, and i think we are going to try again. "culturewire -- >> a question from the audience that we will take the opportunity to put you on the spot. you have gotten very good rev
are affected. they are from latin america. representation is so key. that doesn't invalidate any of your stories. on the contrary, it makes us unified. whether it was logistics, or whether no mexican was available or whatever, but they are not here. so i really -- but again, i do appreciate your work. i think it is time for you go the next step. i appreciate the panel issue. thank you very much. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker. >> good evening honorable chair person and members of the board. my name is carl cruz, i am with the american immigration lawyers and the national lawyers guild. i want to shed some light and go further than due process deprivation and explain what it is we are looking at in terms of the proposals we saw in 2007 and 2008. evans involved in some minor lobbying efforts. we need to take all this in keeping with what the office could be. on the one hand, we might get comprehensive immigration reform. on the other hand, we might get nothing at all. i know no one wants to consider this possibility, but what does san francisco do if we don't get comprehensiv
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selling millions of records in america who is on one of my other shows and i'm also looking for a new vocal group and i think there's a gap in the market for somebody like that right now. so i'm excited about it. >> we're excited, too and, you know, i know that people have been asking you this all day. can you give us a hint about any of the judges? there are rumors like there's a new judge on the show every day. >> well, the way we're going, we're going to have about 23 people judging this show because we've met tons of people and the truth is i like everyone we've met so far. maybe because we're in washington we should put a call out to one of the obamas. >> and have them come out, one of the daughters. >> why not? >> if you would like to try out, the closest audition site to us is newark, new jersey, at the prudential center. auditions start wednesday, april 13th. we have all the details on under web links. >> cold day, had to bundle up and it's getting colder. >> ready for some 20s tonight? >> no. >> it's already down to the
. the president back in the white house after his trip to latin america met with his national security team today. as the pentagon announced the u.s. is drawing back from leading the operation. >> nearly all, some 75% of the combat air patrol missions in support of the no-fly zone are now being executed by our coalition partners. >> reporter: despite that claim, americans have been flying 70% of all combat missions this week, leading to questions from congress about america's role. in a letter to the president, house speaker john boehner complained that the administration has not clearly defined the libya mission. today press secretary jay carney responded, but would not let cameras record the briefing. >> and we have in a very substantial way consulted with congress and we'll continue to do that. >> reporter: even many democrats agree with the republican speaker that the president should do more to explain his goals. >> the boehner questions are valid. he's asking what's the duration, what's the mission, what's the cost, what's our exit strategy. and i think the president needs to answer these q
road, bank of america, en el 600 de la calle north washington, y una sucursal de p-n-c sobre el 1700 de la calle diagonal en alexandria.. el sospechoso es afroamericano de entre 40 y 45 años de edad, seis pies de estatura y unas 200 libras de peso.. si tiene alguna informacion contacte a las buenas tardes, que menera de terminar la semana en la copa libertadores, petrolero la fecha fifa, ya ha dejado ayer l victoria de el salvador 1-0 sobre cuba, esta maÑana 0 a hon derroto 2-0 a uruguay. y se vienen mas partidos, por univision les tendremos dos, maÑana a las 4.30 de la tarde, mexico se enfrentara a paraguay y alas 7 de la noche estados unidos contra argentina dos partidos para no perderse por univision maÑana. tambien hay otros partidos en fecha fifa, esta noche panama contra bolivia y venezuela con jamaica. para maÑana sabado colombia contra ecuador, costa rica recibe a chila y portugal a chile. el domingo brasil contra escocia y el salvador recibe a jamaica entre otros partidos vamos ahora con el boxeo porque a pesar de la situacion que esta viviendo japon. una pelea por titul
... ...enough energy to power a quarter of america. we gave your kids a cleaner ride to school. kept the lights on during a calm day at the wind farm. heated 57 million u.s. homes. simmered grandma's chicken noodle soup. melted tons of recycled glass. roasted millions of coffee beans. provided electricity for nearly 29 million home computers. heated your bathwater. cooked your takeout. lit your way home. we helped america import less of its energy. cleared the air by burning cleaner than other fuel sources, with less pollutants and no mercury. and tomorrow, we could do even more. we're cleaner, domestic, abundant and ready now. we're america's natural gas. the smarter power today. learn more at >>> time for tonight's "rewrite." after this show repeatedly stressing the dangers posed to the most densely populated place in this country within 50 miles of a nuclear power plant, specifically the indian point power plant in new york, comes a letter from the governor of new york to the chairman of the nuclear regulatory commission demanding that the nrc reconsider the license renewal procedur
, stacked high on thick texas toast. wrap your hands around one at dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. grab a big breakfast with the new big n' toasty sandwich from dunkin' donuts. >> welcome back. harford county fire fighters have their hands full this point battling a blaze in joppa. flames engulfed the home and the blaze quickly escalated to three alarms. nobody was hurt. police are warning people to lock their windows and doors in the pasadena area. authorities are looking into three incidents in the area where we've been called in to report an intruder in their bedroom. it's a place at homes in centergate court and 204th streets. anyone with information is asked to call in toronto police. how young is too young for facebook? facebook and myspace require users to be at least 13, but there is no practical way to verify the ages. some people worry that this could be damaging to children's relationship and their brains. >> that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. >> this morning we asked -- what do you think is an appropriate age for a child to sign up for facebook, or other
would be limited in time and scope. our mission has been to use america's unique capabilities to create the conditions for the no-fly zone and to assist in meeting urgent humanitarian needs. >> earlier i spoke with elise jordan, a speechwriter for clinton's predecessor, condoleezza rice. she also worked with the national security council. elise, thank you very much for being with us. so is the u.n. involvement limited in time and scope, or are we taking it over? >> i would disagree that it's going to be limited in time and scope. and i think that you are not alone in being confused about what's going on. i think confusion is really the buzz word. and this strategy is being developed on the fly. a coalition being developed on the fly, and that is not going to make for a smooth transition or a smooth operation in my opinion. >> you know, i actually had a lot of hope when the arab league, you know, came in and said, okay, we're supporting this. i thought, well, good, finally. what took you so long to get in the party? finally they're stepping up and getting involved in the relations and th
, primary and secondary education and the economic competitiveness of america. so met me close with just -- let me close with just a request of you. you know, two years later what have these voices told us? they've told us that americans are optimistic, that they are not naive, that they know that there are tough decisns that have to be made, significant sacrifices lie ahead. they are willing to work hard to make compromises to make america stronger. and what they are demanding is that we as leaders do the same. so i want to go back to the purpose here of what the heartland monitor was which was to let their voices be heard, and i have the opportunity and the privilege to be a leader of what's a great american company. with that privilege comes a responsibility, a responsibility to speak out and let other people's voicese heard. that's what we're trying to do with this poll. everybody in this room is also a leader in your own way. some people are thought leaders, leaders from organizations, you have people who read your writing, who follow what you do. as leaders we need you to step up a
case more directly? here to mix it up, democratic strategist bob shrum and the host of america's morning news amy holmes. welcome, both of you. let me start with you, the president hasn't spoken to the american people about this. we've got troops in the air, bombing taking place, isn't he a little tardy? >> no. the fact of the matter is that congress is not going to de-fund this. that's a bunch of white noise. the president has some pretty clear aims here. he can't say exactly what they are. our aim is clearly regime change, it's not in the u.n. resolution, i think that's what the ultimate outcome will be -- >> but he said that before -- >> no, he's for regime change, but i don't think he can explicitly connect it with this campaign. that is the objective. and in the end, he'll be judged by the outcome of this. if gadhafi is gone, people will feel good about the decisions he's made. if gadhafi is not gone, people will have a very different reaction. and he should not have waited for congress. ronald reagan didn't wait, the first george bush didn't wait in panama, and bill clint
at america. what interestingde tail inu t 2010 count, the growth of the hispanic population, more than 50 million. hispanics account for more than half the nation's growth in the last ten years. and it's one of the great questions of our time. which is cheaper? target or walmart? a study shows target winning that battle. >>> let's start i libya where allied warplanes have been dropping bombs on the outskirts of tripoli today. air strikes targeted libyan armored vehicles in the town of ajdabiya. 350,000 people fled the violence ing a and the u.s. is tak big step towards its goal of handing over leadership of the military action there. nato will begin enforcing the no-fly zone and should be full any charge of that mission with a few days. >>> that allows the unit states to give up some of its command as president obama pledged. for now the u.s.-led coalition will still be responsible for attacking gadhafi's troops if they are seen as an imminent threat to civilians. somene arab states have questiod the use of force, but the white house says it's saving lives. >> a massacre in benghazi was p
practical reality of the situation is if it goes to the commercial banks, mr. and mrs. taxpayer of america, you're still going to be on the hook because they all have government barn tee so it's kind of a fallacious argument going forward. i think we have to look at prudential underwriting, we have to look at prudential securitization. let's not forget those who securitize these loans, they're as much at fault as anybody who originated them. and i think we have to make the commitment those two elements need to be better regulated and move forward from there. that's our perspective. >> so the institutions we know as fannie and freddie are not going to survive in anything like we know in their current form. but i think, as does jerry -- >> i hope you're right about that. >> but i believe that there will be and there should be institutions who have responsibility to provide liquidity to the marketplace who have access to a, essentially k provide their investors -- can provide their investors, global investors and your and my pension fund provide confidence that for their capital to not be suf
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